Pool Design

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Pool Construction

A swimming pool is a beautiful addition to your home. The kids will enjoy even the hottest summers at home. You can invite friends over for a swim and backyard barbecue, and if you should sell your home in the future, you will attract more potential buyers. Having a swimming pool is always a good idea!

As one of the top swimming pool builders in Texas, we will help you build the best pool to complement your beautiful home. We incorporate our pool designs with other specific features and gathering areas like outdoor dining and seating spots. Your backyard pool can become the family’s favorite area that friends and guests can enjoy too.

Types of Inground Pools

Inground pools are probably the most traditional and common type of swimming pool. A hole is dug up on the ground where the pool will be built and different materials are used to create the pool shell. There are three main types of inground pools, each with its benefits in terms of flexibility in design and durability.

Concrete inground pools can be any size or shape. A professionally designed swimming pool can blend seamlessly with your home, effectively making it an extension. Concrete pools are popular for residential use due to their durability. You can replaster pools as needed over time. 

After excavating the yard, we will use rebar or steel rods to line the sides and bottom of the hole. We will shape the rebar according to the pool’s design, including ramps, steps, and other features. We will then spray shotcrete or gunite to form the pool shell. We can add stone or tile finishes to the surfaces of concrete pools.

Fiberglass inground pools are the easiest to install. They are already pre-formed and ready to install as soon as we excavate the yard. Because they’re pre-made, it’s rare to get a customized design. Still, there are many models and sizes to choose from with benches, steps, wedges, and maybe built-in spas already pre-formed as well.

Not only is its construction easy, but maintenance would also be a breeze. Fiberglass has a smooth finish, which makes it resistant to algae. However, the same surface would deteriorate over time from exposure to the sun and chemicals. Homeowners can choose to recoat the surface, but the process won’t be so easy.

Vinyl inground pools are made using a custom-designed steel wall covered with a vinyl liner. They are the easiest to customize in terms of size and shape. Some vinyl pools arrive as kits that are assembled on site.

Vinyl pools are the least expensive and also the least durable option.

The vinyl liner has to be changed every ten years or so. They also deteriorate over time from exposure to chemicals. However, some pools have fungus or UV inhibitors, which does extend the life of the vinyl liner.

Custom Pool Design

When dreaming up the best swimming pool for your home, imagine something more than just a hole in the ground that is filled with water.

There are many features you can add to the pool to make it unique and truly your own. You want a swimming pool that is not only fun and enjoyable but also beautiful to look at and can stand the test of time.

We would love to have the opportunity of building the swimming pool you have always dreamed of. As one of the top pool builders in Texas, each pool we make is treated like a piece of art.

Pool Shapes

Swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes. We design pools to complement your home and to match your personality. Our marvelous swimming pool designs are guaranteed to make your backyard into the perfect oasis.

Our designs and shapes include:

  • Classic pools
  • Small pools
  • Freeform pools
  • Geometric pools
  • Hot tubs and spas

Whether your home is modern or traditional, our pool shapes can easily match the architecture and style of your house. We can make your swimming pool the focal point of all your outdoor activities be it for family time during the day or entertaining at night. There is no better way to beat the heat than by taking a dip in your swimming pool whenever you want.

And there is no better reason to invite friends at home than to enjoy the oasis right in your backyard. For swimming pool options, call or visit our website to discuss your pool ideas and request a quote.

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