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Having a pool in your backyard is all fun and games until it’s time for cleaning and maintenance. What sorcery is pool shock treatment anyway? pH level balancing what?

Regular pool maintenance has benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Avoid health risks. Contaminated water can irritate your eyes and skin. Small children are even more sensitive. To be on the safe side, cleaning your pool usually eliminates this concern. Always think of health and safety first.
  2. The chemical balance of the pool should pass safety protocols. If it is not done correctly, it can cause harm to users of the swimming pool.
  3. The overall appearance and lifespan of the pool will improve through regular maintenance.

While it is possible to do simple cleaning and weekly maintenance of your pool, there are also benefits to hiring a professional pool maintenance service.

  1. You don’t always have time to clean your swimming pool and to do it very well. A pool maintenance service can take care of that for you.
  2. If you can’t even stick to a cleaning schedule by yourself, imagine if you had to worry about the chemical levels in your pool. There are general guidelines, but every pool is different, and it’s better to entrust the job to the experts.
  3. A lot can go wrong with pool maintenance if you insist on doing it yourself. You can save yourself the hassle, time, and money by letting the professionals take care of the pool for you.

Owning a pool should be fun. When you hire a professional pool maintenance service, you can spend more time enjoying your pool. You can stop worrying about the chemical levels and having the proper cleaning equipment and maintenance supplies.

Pool Shock Treatment

Pool shock treatment refers to the process of super-chlorinating your pool to kill chloramines and other organisms that should not be in your pool. When oils, sweat, and even urine mix with the chlorine in your pool, it produces chloramines.

It is a natural byproduct, which means the chlorine is working, but chloramines make the swimming pool smell funny, and they can irritate your skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

You should shock your pool every week, or at least every other week. You can also shock your pool after heavy use, when you see signs of algae growth, or after a rainstorm. We recommend shocking the pool after the sun goes down because the sun reduces the effectiveness of the chemicals.

Filter Inspection

There are different types of filters, but they all do the same thing – clean and disinfect water in the swimming pool. Without a filter, the pool can get dirty quickly. Inspecting the pool filter is an essential part of pool maintenance.

Ideally, have your swimming pool filters checked internally at least once a year to ensure that they are working properly. Proper filter maintenance involves isolating, draining, and opening the filters, and inspecting all of their components. The broken parts of the filter, if any, should be replaced accordingly.

pH Level Balancing

pH refers to the essential chemical factor in pool maintenance, the right balance of acid and base in the water. Maintaining your pool’s pH level is essential for maintaining your pool’s longevity as well as keeping swimmers safe. While certain chemicals are necessary to keep your pool clean and safe, they can still be harmful if their levels are unchecked.


Skimming your pool removes debris and chemicals to reduce algae growth. It also prevents your pool from becoming cloudy. You can skim the pool manually using a telescoping pole with a skimmer basket at the end.

Automatic pool skimmers work by pulling water and floating debris from the surface of the pool. Then the debris goes through the weir and is collected in a skimming basket. The weir, a pivoting flap, prevents the debris from re-entering the swimming pool.


Cleaning your pool regularly is the easiest and most basic step in its maintenance. For starters, you can skim the pool daily if using a pole with a skimming basket. You can also brush the walls, steps, and other low circulation areas on top of skimming daily. Also, you can vacuum your pool daily.


Once floating debris is removed from the surface, algae and sediment have been brushed from the walls and other surfaces of the pool. After this, you can start vacuuming fragments that settle at the bottom of the pool. You can vacuum the pool manually using a brush with a hose attachment or by using an automatic vacuum, also called a robot vacuum sometimes.

Checking Water Circulation

To check that your swimming pool’s water circulation is working properly, you have to check the automatic pool skimmer, drains, filters, pump, and pump strainer. When the circulation system works properly, the pool chemicals work effectively, and therefore, the pool’s water gets filtered properly.

Pool Maintenance Services

What are you waiting for? Call the experts at Aruba Pools of Texas or contact us online today for pool maintenance services or repairs. For more information on how to keep your pool in tiptop shape, visit our website.

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