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pool sandblasting aruba pools of texas

Cleaning your pool tiles is just as important as keeping the pool water clean. There are different ways to do it that don’t involve a ton of elbow grease on your part.

Sandblasting refers to the method of using equipment to direct a coarse material on the surface of the pool to remove old paint or plaster. You do this before restoring or repainting a concrete swimming pool. Other than different types of sand, you can also use aluminum oxide, crushed glass, steel grit, or walnut shells.

Dustless blasting, on the other hand, is a method of cleaning pool tiles. It is strong enough to remove algae and calcium deposits from any type of pool surface. Unlike sandblasting, dustless blasting is gentle enough for surfaces like glass pool tiles or mosaic tiles. Compared to power washing, dustless blasting also uses far less water. It does not harm the landscape around your pool and it’s safer for the environment.

Weekly pool maintenance will ensure that your pool stays beautiful, clean, and lasts for many years to come. Call Aruba Pools or visit our website to inquire about pool maintenance or if you need sandblasting services.

Pool Sandblasting Process

If the paint on a swimming pool is peeling or falling off, it needs sandblasting before it can be repainted or restored.

  1. The pool will be drained and dried out. Drain covers, lights, and ladders will be removed. Anything that can’t be removed will be covered with thick plastic and secured with duct tape. Drains, skimmers, and all the tiled areas will also be covered.
  2. The sandblasting medium will be applied to all the surfaces of the swimming pool. Fiberglass pools will need flint shot, while concrete pools require a slag-type medium.
  3. Starting at the deep end of the pool, the floors and walls will be blasted until the entire surface of the pool is finished.
  4. Any dust and debris will be cleared from the swimming pool. The pool will be washed thoroughly and the process can be repeated a few times.
  5. The plastic and duct tape covering will be removed and all fittings will be put back in place.

Sandblasting VS Rebuilding

With its constant exposure to the sun, water, and cleaning chemicals, your swimming pool’s lining is prone to wear and tear. While it takes a long time before the paint starts chipping and peeling, eventually it will. You don’t need to tear out and rebuild a new swimming pool when that time comes. All your swimming pool needs is good sandblasting before it can be restored to its former glory.

Aruba Pools are pool specialists in Texas when it comes to returning swimming pools to their original condition. We can remove all old and damaged swimming pool surfaces including chips, indentations, old paint jobs, and more. All that’s left will be a smooth, clean finish that’s ready for refinishing or resurfacing.

Residential Pool Sandblasting

Our professional services include:

  • Sandblasting
  • Rust removal and prevention
  • Paint stripping from different surfaces – interior or exterior

Our expert team uses different methods and works with a range of pressure levels for residential pool sandblasting jobs. At the same time, we always remain up to standard with US’ environmental laws and domestic blasting regulations.

Commercial Sandblasting

One of the hazards of commercial sandblasting is its impact on the environment. Traditional blasting methods use a large number of components that are harmful to the surrounding areas.

Aruba Pools uses first-class commercial blasting materials and state-of-the-art equipment to reduce waste and other harmful impacts on the local habitat. Our commercial blasting contractors in Texas carry all necessary licenses, permits, and qualifications for all our commercial projects.

Benefits of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is fairly inexpensive and there are many types of blasting media to choose from – different types of sands, aluminum oxide, crushed glass, steel grit, and walnut shells. It also offers additional economic rewards because it efficiently cleans surfaces better and faster than other traditional cleaning methods. It’s also effective at removing or preventing rust on metallic surfaces.

Here are other benefits of sandblasting:

  • Cleans even the deepest corners of your swimming pool
  • Removes the toughest dirt and grime
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient when compared to rebuilding your swimming pool
  • Environment-friendly
  • Minimal to no risk of harming the landscape around the pool

Get in touch with us at Aruba Pools to discuss your pool cleaning options, including sandblasting, both for residential or commercial uses. We are the leading domestic and industrial pool specialist in Texas for all your sandblasting needs.

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